OpenSaaS v1.0 - Sell Your Skills As A Subscription (SAAS)


OpenSaaS v1.0 - Sell Your Skills As A Subscription (SAAS)

Looking for an OpenSaaS v1.0?

OpenSaaS v1.0 - Sell Your Skills As A Subscription (SAAS)

OpenSaaS is a multi-level subscription selling platform. Here freelancers can sell subscriptions based on their skills. Buyers can purchase a freelancer subscription and also cancel the subscription anytime. A freelancer can be a buyer and a buyer can be a freelancer. Freelancers need to purchase subscriptions to create their subscriptions. This script has a real-time chat system for communication with freelancers and buyers based on a project task. The site admin will earn from selling subscriptions and withdraw / payout charges and currency rates.

Main Features:

  • Mail Verification.
  • Queue Modules.
  • Collaboration Modules
  • Cron Job Modules.
  • Tax Modules.
  • Real Time Group Chat.
  • Earning Report.
  • KYC Verification.
  • User Deposit Modules.
  • Dynamic Payout Modules.
  • Team Management
  • Profile visitor Analytics.
  • Social Auth(Facebook, Google, Github)
  • Push Notification.
  • Real-Time Chat with Websocket.
  • Client can purchase the subscription from the freelancer profile.
  • 12+ payment gateways.
  • Cloud storage supported (AWS/Wasabi).
  • Advance Site Cache Modules (for site speed).
  • Well Organized Admin Dashboard.
  • Google Analytics Statics.
  • Project Management System
  • Sell Your Skills As A subscription.
  • Custom payment modules.

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