Complete React Project: Responsive Portfolio Website in React

Complete React Project: Responsive Portfolio Website in React


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Complete React Project: Responsive Portfolio Website in React

Create a react context API and a react portfolio internet site. React app, react hooks, react programs, and react theme was used to ship an email.

What you’ll analyze

Complete react assignment: responsive portfolio internet site is reacting

You’ll create a fully useful, responsive portfolio website.
You may discover ways to use node js, specific js, nodemailer, and SendGrid to ship emails from the react js software.
You’ll find out many js hook types.
A way to upload dark and mild topics might be blanketed.
API for context in reactjs
The way to use bootstrap to create a responsive internet site
The way to set up a reactjs task is the usage of netlify
A way to get a cv from the net for your portfolio


For this direction, there may be no prerequisite for reactjs information.


In this direction, you'll discover ways to create a comprehensive responsive portfolio internet site. After completing this direction, you’ll have a functioning portfolio internet site and know a way to put up it on the netlify cloud server so that all and sundry within the international can also see it.

The lists you will look at in this training are indexed under:

Site for a reaction portfolio.
Use the context API to add darkish and light topics.
Our website is mobile-responsive thanks to bootstrap.
Written-phrase impact
To show the task experience and schooling sections, use the vertical timeline thing in react js.
Greater pagination alternatives are available in reactjs.
Sidebar for reactjs with disintegrates abilities.
A cool reactjs slider
You’ll learn how to show testimonials using a responsive slider.
Email sending with reactjs post request from the touch form.
Conditional rendering is a way utilized by reactjs to offer specific colors for diverse elements.
Specific.Js and node.Js are used to ship emails from the backend.
The way to use postman is to check an API endpoint for sending emails.
Reactjs animation for numerous app factors during preliminary loading and scrolling.
This is the high-quality way to add again-to-top scrolling to a reactjs the front-end utility.
Features of our react js app’s issues include a dark topic and a vibrant topic.
The way to send e-mail from react js is the use of SendGrid, express js, and node js.
Soaring mouse effect
Js hooks for react
Making responsive react js packages the use of bootstrap
I am deploying a reactjs application to netlify.
You’ll find out a way to dynamically modify the color of the react app subject matter. To add functionality for dark and mild topics, we’ll make use of the react context API.

React accordion capabilities: within the project element, you’ll create a react accordion gadget.

If the accordion is open and the onmousehover impact is on, you may additionally discover ways to mark an unmarried item.

To feature functionality for dark and mild subject matters, we’ll make use of the react context API.

Diverse software applications you’ll make use of in this direction include:

React clean scrolling: while a person clicks on the navbar, we’ll utilize this package deal to easily waft from one vicinity to the next.

Typewriting results: using this package deal, we’ll provide our app with diffusion of writing results.
React glossy slider: we’ll use this bundle to show a list of testimonials in a slider in our testimonials phase. Additionally, we’ll make sure that each device can use our slider.

When users post emails from the contact shape, react toasty displays toast messages to them.
This package will be used for scroll-to-pinnacle features. Lower back-to-pinnacle scrolling we've got numerous components on one web page in an unmarried-web page internet application. As a result, after achieving the web page’s ultimate element, our personal needs to scroll all over again to get to the top of the web page. We’ll hire again-to-scroll abilities to address this problem, so that customers may additionally just click a button to get to the pinnacle vicinity while not having to scroll.

React reveal: with the assistance of this bundle, we may additionally display animation for each item. On your reactjs undertaking, you will discover ways to apply movement to any field.

React vertical timeline issue: 

we’ll use a vertical timeline component with animation and a completely unique design to illustrate professional enjoyment and schooling.

We’ll utilize nodemailer with node js, specific js, and sendgrid to ship an e-mail.

Who this course is for:

If you wish to use reactjs to create a complete-featured portfolio internet site,
In case you want to create an entire assignment whilst studying how to make use of reactjs,
To enhance your reactive js abilities,
To discover ways to use reactjs to create a responsive internet site that works on any device, cross here.

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