Augmented Reality 101 – AR Foundation Basics


Augmented Reality 101 – AR Foundation Basics

Looking for an Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality 101 – AR Foundation Basics

Expand core augmented truth abilities by using learning harmony and the pass-platform API ar foundation to create your first au

What you’ll learn

Augmented reality a hundred and one – ar basis fundamentals

The functions of team spirit’s ar basis
Game and app introduction for ar
Markerless ar development strategies
Deployment techniques for ar packages


Simple expertise of harmony and c#.
You should have an android or ios device well matched with ar basis.


Examine the important basics for growing augmented fact apps within the famous harmony engine. Through this path, you may create an easy object spawning software that lets customers place virtual gadgets primarily based on their physical environment and the usage of their android or ios tool’s digital camera. In so doing, you will expand crucial abilities for operating with both ar and ar foundation, harmony’s go-platform API package that allows you to develop for android and ios devices simultaneously. By the stop, you'll be prepared to create more sturdy augmented reality apps and games and be part of a developing, in-call enterprise of builders.

You'll discover ways to:

Download and configure ar foundation inside cohesion
Use your tool’s digicam to routinely detect planes
Set up placement indicators to determine virtual object positions
Put in force faucet gestures that allow users to spawn easy items into the “real world”
Who this route is for:
Innovators wishing to upskill in cutting-edge technologies
Developers increasing their games with augmented truth
All people are inquisitive about novel ways to expand mobile

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