SEO Studio v1.86.10 - Professional Tools for SEO


SEO Studio is a curated collection of 22 search engine optimization and marketing tools that deliver high quality information with no operational costs.


Website & Tools

The script comes with a complete public-facing website where tools can be accessed, users can register and login, etc. This website can be heavily customized.

Admin Panel

The script comes with a full administration panel which can be used to customize the script, manage users, and install updates in a single click.


Free to operate

The script works immediately after installation with no further configuration required. All of the tools are completely free to operate and don’t rely on any premium or paid third party services.

Easy to install

The installation process is extremely simple – just upload a single install.php file to the desired location on your server and open it in your browser. Your new website will be up and running in minutes.


The script can be translated to any language, including right-to-left languages, and supports multiple languages at the same time. Plus, save time with the new auto translate feature, which can translate most of the text in seconds.

User management

Allow users to register their own accounts and save their domain names for quick reuse across all of the tools. You can also restrict tools to registered users, or you can disable registration completely if you’d like.

Customizable branding

It’s easier than ever to match the website to your brand. You can customize the logo, favicon, and color scheme easily from the admin panel. You can also choose from four different variants of tool icons from the included SEO & Internet Marketing icon set.


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