SmartEnd CMS v8.6.2 - Laravel Admin Dashboard with Frontend and Restful API by


SmartEnd CMS - Laravel Admin Dashboard with Frontend and Restful API

Smart end CMS is an important admin dashboard with all features you may need to make any type of website, erected using Laravel8.0 frame, Smartend contains Dashboard, Frontend, and flexible peaceful API. Open source and can be streamlined fluently to fit your conditions. 

 Main Backend Features:

  •  A perfect and swish dashboard with 4 different colors and styles. 
  •  Responsive Admin Panel. 
  • Multi-Languages Support. 
  •  Two directions are LTR and RTL. 
  •  Laravel8.0 important Framework. 
  •  Secure dashboard with login access and reset word functionality. 
  • A webmaster authorizationmanageange point sections and main features. 
  •  Dashboard with a quick overview of all the modules. 
  •  All general settings you'll need for any website. 
  •  Dynamic website sections, runners, and orders. 
  • Multi Login features with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Github, and Bitbucket. 
  •  Control google Tags & Analytics control in the dashboard. 
  •  Control spark/ Kill captcha from the dashboard. 
  •  Control Dispatch settings control the in the dashboard. 
  •  Capability to clear cache point. 
  •  Capability to add fresh custom fields to any section( smut). 
  •  Automatic sitemap creator(/sitemap.XML or/ sitemap/ en). 
  •  SEO settings and capability to spark friendly URLs. 
  • Multi orders choosing for every content. 
  •  Affiliated motifs tab for every content. 
  •  Capability to spark/ disable enrollment points for the dashboard. 
  •  Every section fields and features operation. 
  •  Adding the Capability to spark expiration date with motifs of any section. 
  •  Adding capability to spark attaching further lines with any content. 
  •  Text editor for every runner. 
  •  Multi upload module to upload bulk of prints. 
  • Google chart module to add multi charts in runners. 

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