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Nova is a beautifully-designed administration panel for Laravel. Carefully crafted by the creators of Laravel, Nova is designed to make you the most productive developer in the galaxy.

What’s New in Nova

The next version of Nova (Silver Surfer) brings exciting new features like inline relationship editing, conditional fields, automatic field filters, a responsive layout, dashboard notifications, and more.

New Features:

  • Added new MenuSection::lens, MenuSection::resource, and MenuItem::lens helpers.
  • Added new withBadgeIf to allow for conditional badges.
  • Added ability to customize the fields used for inline creation modals.
  • MenuSection, MenuGroup, and MenuItem classes are now Macroable.
  • Improved logic in Metric date ranges.
  • Improved the visual look of stacked fields.
  • Nova assets are now compiled with the exposeFilename option to allow for easier theming overrides.
  • Nova will now load only the current BelongsTo resource when the fields are set to read-only.
  • Nova is now compiled using Tailwind CSS version 3.
  • Heading fields now support dependsOn.
  • Nova now runs the Authenticate middleware on Intertia routes for custom tools.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Lenses from being reusable.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the soft-delete badge in dark mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Number fields would display as null when the value was 0.
  • Fixes an issue where Currency fields as a minor unit were not displaying correct output.
  • Fixed an issue with login redirects not being interpreted by the browser correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where bigInt IDs were not being handled correctly in Global Search.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the app logo on mobile.

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