Flangapp v1.2 - SAAS Online app builder from website by Codelist.ca


Flangapp is the world’s first platform for creating applications from a website using the SAAS model. You just need to complete a simple installation, create pricing plans, and get payments for every build. And you get a full white label with your brand and logo. Try out the demo now!

It is easy to test the application before paying and building. Expo Snack SDK integration lets your users view their app in real-time and make changes quickly. We simulate a real application using React Native and show the expected result. After building, the user receives a fast Flutter application.

Main Feature:

  • File upload or download
  • Media playback
  • HTML5 game
  • Custom Navigation
  • Loading indicator
  • GPS location
  • Microphone access
  • Camera access

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