Bitcoin Faucet v1.0 - Full Android Application


Bitcoin Faucet v1.0 - Full Android Application

This is made with pure material design and as this is a fully working app, you can download this code, run this project in your android studio, and generate APK.

This app is made by our experienced Android development team.

It is 100% secure with Firebase Backend provided by Google


  • Google Sign-In for Robust and Secure Environment
  • Invite & Earn Program to drive extreme traffic to your app
  • High-Quality Auto-Generated Push Notifications
  • Control Manipulative behavior of Users
  • AdMob Integration with Banner, Interstitial, and Rewarded Video Ads
  • Backend Security from Cloud Functions
  • Timer Finish Notifications
  • Auto driven referral integration
  • Differential Earning listing for users
  • Manual Payout for the best security of your assets
  • Pending Payouts listing in Firebase

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