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News Hour is a complete news App with an admin panel that is developed on the Flutter framework developed by Google. It works on both android & iOS. It has all the common and special features of a typical news app. We have used lots of animations to make this app user-friendly. It could be able to satisfy users with impressive UX design and smooth performance on both iOS and Android devices. If you are looking for a news or blog app for iOS and Android, News Hour could be the best option.


  • Animated Splash Screen
  • User Sign In – Used social media sign-in like Google Sign In, Facebook Sign In, Apple Sign In for iOS, Email Sign In, and also skip sign-in feature where users can access the without signup.
  • Beautiful On-Boarding Screen – Introduction screens to define the features of the app.
  • Loading Animation & Clean UI: Loading animations are available on all screens which give users a fluent & smooth experience on data loading time.
  • Lottie Animation
  • Pagination: Used infinite scrolling which will help to load unlimited data without any problem and reduce database cost.
  • Pull-to-Refresh – Pull to refresh feature to refresh the contents anytime the user wants.
  • Youtube Video Support: Complete youtube video support with a full-screen view, gesture control like MX Player, Speed mode & much more.
  • Iframe Video Support: Iframe videos from youtube are now supported in the content description with the Iframe video player
  • Network Video Support: Network videos are now supported in the content description with a Native video player with a full-screen view
  • Adaptive Dark Mode! - Don’t forget to experience the dark mode. This makes the whole app more usable & beautiful
  • Custom WebView – Used custom web view to open any link inside the app just like Facebook.
  • User Comment: Users can make comments on any content. User can also delete their comments.
  • Comment Flag & Report: The user can flag any abusive comment & also report to the admin.
  • User Likes: Users can like any content and popular content will be sorted based on their likes.
  • Categories: Contents are divided based on categories and you can control the categories from the admin panel.
  • Search Used Recent Search feature which will save the recent search(s) of users locally.
  • Interactive Push Notifications: Admin can send push notifications directly from the admin panel to all android & iOS users with just one click. Push notification’s body also supports HTML text.
  • Cached Image & Data: Used cache image service to save online images to local database for a faster experience. Images & databases can be accessed even offline.
  • Monetization: Used both Admob & Facebook ads. You can use which one you prefer most. Used both Interstitial & banner ads with maintaining Admob & FB ads policy.
  • Multi-language Support: You can add your own language to the app in the easiest way.
  • RTL Support: RTL support for RTL-type languages like Arabic, Hebrew, etc.
  • Bookmark: User also can save their favorite content.
  • User Profile: Users can edit their names and update their profile pictures.
  • Html Support: Content description supports HTML text so that you can apply custom design with Html text. Images in the description now support full-screen zoomable view.
  • Hero Animation: Used flutter special animation package Hero in all content for a smooth and seamless user experience.
  • Backend Service: Cloud Firestore Database from Google which is super fast, easy to use, and also secure.
  • Firebase Analytics: To access the real-time activity of the users.
  • State Management: Provider
  • Step by Step Documentation
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