Genius HYIP v2.0 - All in One Investment Platform by


Genius HYIP v2.0 - All in One Investment Platform by

Genius HYIP is a complete solution and automated HYIP investment script for an Online Investment Platform. Genius HYIP is created for the business owner who wants to start and promote their business in the Online Investment arena. Its an undoubtedly the largest Investment script with huge advanced and standard features.

This script is impeccably created with lots of known online payment gateways to make the payment easier, flexible, and comfortable. Genius HYIP is fluently installable and you can manage this script more fluently with stoner-friendly features and an interactive interface with a completely responsive design. It’s designed for everyone, whether is the stoner specialized or non-technical. Anyone can interact with the interface fluently and comfortably. 


 The Genius HYIP will make you Successful for sure in the Online Investment Business arena as well as it'll save your Marketing cost also for this bone you don’t need any Coding Chops. Genius HYIP may help you to handle unlimited druggies, and investments, accept a good number of payment gateways, and cryptos, and Supports Multiple Languages, and Multiple Currency. You can fluently manage which currency will be accepted or not, Also you can set the system base currency. 

If you're looking for the Stylish HYIP investment script that will grow your business to the coming position, Genius HYIP will also be the right choice for you. It takes only many twinkles to set up your website with our system. So, Let’s Launch Your Investment Platform with Genius HYIP. 


Main Features: 

  1.  Smart Dashboard Statistics 
  2. Dark Mode Facility 
  3.  Stoner Registration System 
  4.  Multiple Language System 
  5.  Multiple Currency Occasion 
  6. Advanced Transaction Sorting and Searching 
  7.  All the Deals with Details 
  8.  Investment Occasion 
  9.  Investment History Sorting with Detail Information 
  10.  Suitable to transfer Plutocrat and Transfer History 
  11.  Shoot Request Plutocrat and Request History 
  12.  Admit Request Plutocrat and History 
  13.  Advance Deposit System 
  14.  Former Deposit Management 
  15.  Standard Withdrawal System 
  16.  Withdrawal History with Smart Sorting System 
  17.  Referral URL Generate. 
  18.  Appertained Druggies Informations 
  19.  Referral Commission Log 
  20.  Support Ticket Occasion 
  21.  Suitable to Edit Own Profile 
  22. 2 Factor Authentication Security 
  23.  Word Changing and Recovery System 

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