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Automatic Links is a PHP class that allows you to automatically apply links on a HTML document.

This class uses PHP regular expressions to generate the links from a list of keywords and URLs provided by the user.

It’s worth noting that this class gives you total control over the algorithm used to apply the links. Specifically, you can configure a high number of options both at the class level and at the automatic link level to:

  • Limit the maximum number of automatic links to a specific number
  • Select between a case sensitive or a case insensitive search of the keyword
  • Add the Nofollow attribute on the link element
  • Set a custom title attribute on the link element
  • Open the links in the same tab or a new tab
  • Find only the occurrences of the keyword preceded or followed by a specific string
  • Configure specific word boundaries based on the particular context or language
  • Prioritize individual keywords over the others

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